March 2018 - Looking to Holy Week

This year’s Lent Book, in our churches, has an intriguing title.

It is called “The Things He Carried: A Journey to the Cross”.

It is a series of descriptions of how Christ must have felt on Good Friday.

In the first chapter Bishop Stephen Cottrell describes the weight of the cross piece that Jesus carried to Calvary. He says that he wrote this book in the hope that we might receive some small appreciation of just how much the cross weighs, and maybe even pick it up ourselves. The book is powerfully written and thought provoking!

We intend to dip into this description during the service called “The Last Hour”
on Good Friday afternoon at 2.00pm in Hardwicke Church.

Anyone who has carried a really heavy load, a weight which presses down on them, a weight that is either physical or mental or spiritual, will know the feeling when our human strength begins to fail and we stagger and fall.

Jesus knew that unyielding weight as He journeyed towards the Cross.

Physically he was incapable of supporting the weight of the cross-piece and fell.
Mentally he faced what lay ahead, the wrenching, agonising hours of crucifixion.
Spiritually he endured anything but a calm, prayerful, beautiful, meditative experience.

It was literally Hell.

That is the stuff of which our Saviour is made – He understands!

Fr. Andrew

Vicar of Hardwicke, Elmore and Longney Churches