Forty Days of Awesome!

Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent, and with it our preparation for the greatest and most significant Christian festival of the year - Easter!

Traditionally the season of Lent is a valuable opportunity to review our lives and resolve to follow Christ and make the world a better place.

The Church offers us a variety of ways to do this in prayer, through study, by charitable action, and lifestyle improvement.

Check out our programme for Lent below and see if there is any way you could keep
a good Lent this year!

Wednesdays in Lent

Throughout Lent our Wednesday morning Communion in Hardwicke Church at 9.30am will continue using the Book of Common Prayer.

Thursdays in Lent

Soup, cheese and fruit lunch from 12.30pm. Donations are asked towards the work of Christian Aid.

Fridays in Lent

Wwe meet in a parishioners home at 11.00am for coffee and chat with prayer or informal communion.

Random Acts of Kindness

This project is an attempt to spread a little goodness and joy in the world since “Kindness starts with one!” We will be promoting weekly RAKs for everyone to use throughout Lent.
Click on the logo above, choose at least one from three suggestions then resolve to do it!

Study our Lent Book

Our recommended book is a series of guided meditations on the significance of the things that Jesus carried to his cross. This is ideal reading for those who find it difficult to commit to a regular weekly gathering for study.
The book is available at minimal cost on Amazon and Kindle. We also offer an optional sharing group for those reading the book where we will meet to discuss the book over coffee.

Sunday Services and Midweek Services

Come and join us one Sunday at Hardwicke, Elmore or Longney.
Our morning services are usually the best place to begin,
especially if you are new to the life of the Church.

The Eucharist or Communion, sometimes called Mass, is our main Sunday service. The word "Eucharist" means "thanksgiving". It is the time when we sing hymns, reflect on the week gone by, hear the Bible read and explained, and offer our prayers to the Lord.

In this service we also receive the Communion bread and wine,
as Jesus asked his friends to do, in remembrance of Him.

Evensong at Elmore is a service of hymns, readings and prayers using
the 1662 Prayer Book (in traditional language).

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This Month's Services at Church...

Every Wednesday in Lent

Said Eucharist (BCP) at Hardwicke Church 9.30am


Sunday March 18th - Lent 5

“Christ the Great High Priest”

Short Eucharist & APCM at Elmore Church 9.30am

Parish Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am

Holy Baptism at Hardwicke Church 1.00pm


Sunday March 25th - Palm Sunday

“Christ enters Jerusalem”

"Storyteller" Eucharist at Longney Church 9.30am

"Simply Worship" Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am

Evensong with Hymns at Elmore Church (Time to be notified)


Monday March 26th - Holy Week begins

“Following the Way of the Cross”

Every day this week there will be opportunities for Reflective Prayer

Holy Monday March 26th
A sequence of prayers and readings at Elmore 7.30pm

Holy Tuesday March 27th
Parish Family Passover at Church House, Hardwicke 7.30pm

Holy Wednesday March 28th
Communion Service at Hardwicke Church 9.30am

Holy Wednesday March 28th
Taize Style Service at Hardwicke Church 7.30pm

Maundy Thursday March 29th
The Agape Meal at Hardwicke Church 7.30pm

Good Friday March 30th
The Good Friday Walk with the Cross from 12 noon
The “Last Hour Service” at Hardwicke Church from 2.00pm
"The Road to the Cross" at Elmore Church 6.30pm

Holy Saturday March 31st
First Easter Service at Hardwicke Church (quiet & beautiful) 8.00pm

Sunday April 1st - Easter Sunday

Sunrise Service and Breakfast at Hardwicke Church 6.15am

Said Eucharist at Longney Church 8.00am

Festival Eucharist at Elmore Church 9.30am

Family Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am