Daily Prayers for Busy People

Many have found benefit from keeping a time of prayer daily, click on either Morning or Evening below to display a complete day specific prayer service including readings and psalms. Across the Church of England thousands of Christians will be using this same service along with you

Prayers for our Benefice

If you wish to remember our three Churches in your prayers you can download our Benefice Cycle of Prayer by clicking on the icon below.

Growing in Faith Together

Together we are the Body of Christ in this place, encouraged and renewed in our faith as we meet with him and he meets with us in the experience of worship day by day and Sunday by Sunday, at home and together in Church.

Because we are his body, his people, about his work, more is involved than just one service a week, the Christian calling is to a life of worship, fellowship and service every day.

Ongoing Christian Education

To do this most effectively, it is vitally important for every Christian to learn more about the faith.

To this end we offer a variety of opportunities to learn more about the Christian Faith and encourage Spiritual Formation.

The programmes we use include "Open the Book", "Education for Discipleship", "Lectio Divina" and seasonal material from "Churches Together in Britain and Ireland"

We have also used home grown courses including "Words of Worship" which focuses on the words, origin and meaning of popular hymns and contemporary worship songs.

Welcoming Youngsters to the Family Meal

We believe that children who are part of our worshipping family are not just the Church of the future but part of the Church of today. It is our practice to welcome them to receive communion with our congregations on Sundays.

Each year we will offer a preparation course so they realise that they truly belong in Church and can fully participate in the Eucharist, taking their place around the altar, in the Lord's house, on the Lord's Day.

A Prayerful Creative Activity - Faith Rocks

As part of our @HardwickeRocks Facebook Group we produce pebbles illustrated with faith themes designed to encourage our local community.

Weaving together fellowship, scripture and prayer

Monthly on Wednesdays in School Term time
between 1.00 and 2.30pm when we meet for
“Cappuccino Church” @ The Roastery, Quedgeley to enjoy
a time of coffee, fellowship and discussion.

Confirmation Preparation

Every year there is an opportunity for youngsters and also adults to learn more about their faith and the basics of Christianity.

Following on from this there is the opportunity to be Confirmed (receive the laying on of hands by the Bishop) to enable growth in the Spirit.

If you wish to take a next step along your journey of faith by studying
more and making your adult commitment in Confirmation contact
Fr Andrew or Fr George as soon as possible.

Open the Book Programme

Our team of volunteer storytellers use drama, mime, props, costume - even the children themselves to present Bible stories in ways that are lively, engaging, informative ... so we "Open the Book" at Hardwicke and Longney Schools and occasionally in our "Storyteller" Eucharist at Hardwicke and Longney Churches.

For more information about any of the activities outlined on this page, or the ongoing life of our Churches, please email us by using the links at the foot of each page.

(Latest revision October 2018)